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"I want to make people happy with my designs."

Designer Tessa Koops matches creativity with a perfect fit and fashion sense with timeless designs. She consciously chooses to keep the prints, fabrics and production within Europe. This allows her to keep the CO2 footprint of the transport as low as possible.

Tessa Koops, born and raised in Spakenburg, came into contact with fashion as a child. With a mother who sewed clothes herself and two grandmothers who walked in traditional costume, Tessa's interest in style was sparked early on. "My mother had a wool and fabric shop in the 1980s and a subscription to the Burda magazines, so I had the right environment to experiment with fabric and scissors. I got my own sewing machine at the age of six with which I made doll clothes. I definitely have my own taste, but I suspect that my love for colours, prints and their combination started in childhood, partly because of the costumes around me."

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